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Tech & Design Academy at Doss High School encompasses three different majors. The majors include: Information Support Services, Programming and App Development and Website Design. Each major has a four year sequence of classes that will lead students towards Certifications, Internships and Job Opportunities.  The goal for students in the senior year is to intern or co-op in a related field to their academy.


Also, the Tech/Design Academy is hard at work to promote the good things happening within our Academy. We have a twitter account dedicated to the hard work of our students and teachers. The Doss Tech twitter account will showcase the many projects the students in Tech/Design Academy are working on and provide important information and dates that are pertinent to the Academy. Please follow us at @doss_tech to keep up to date on all things about the Tech/Design Academy.


Another huge component to our academy this year will be Project Based Learning. Each student will get the opportunity in each class to pick an authentic content related topic to really dive into and develop true universal knowledge. Please ask your students what projects they are currently working on and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Here is some sample content

Click to download our Career Academy Flowchart for Doss High School Students

Academy Principal Academy Counselor

Marissa Bell
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           Beth Salyer
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