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Todd Stockwell
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Dear Parents and Guardians,


Thank you for visiting our brand new school website!  The school year has gotten off to a terrific start and we are extremely proud of the progress being made by our students.  Please visit our website regularly for updates and celebrations about our school and students. 


As we progress through the 2018-19 school year we will continue to improve upon the initiatives that we started two years ago.  Every student will be affiliated with one of the following Professional Career Academies:  FRESHMAN ACADEMY, BUSINESS & FINANCE ACADEMY, S.T.E.M ACADEMY OR THE TECH & DESIGN ACADEMYStudent ownership in their overall success is critical to us at Doss.  By attaching themselves to an Academy, students will be fully engaged in an authentic learning experience that travels across all content areas and that will bring a stronger overall enjoyment to school.  I am excited to see the continued success of our Professional Career Academies and to see all of the unique and engaging opportunities it brings for our students.  Please visit the Academy Page on our website for more information about our Career Academies.


We will continue to use Project Based Learning as our primary focus instructionally.  Students will be given the opportunity to complete projects in each class that will be based on a real-world authentic driving questions.  At Doss, we want students working to solve real world problems that keep them engaged every minute of every class period.  We look forward to continuing our Project Based Learning work at Doss and presenting student work throughout the school year.  Please visit the Project Based Learning page on our website for additional information about PBL and how it is positively impacting the students at Doss High School.  


Our vision at Doss is:  BE PASSIONATE. BE ENGAGED. BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.  Our goal every single day is to provide the absolute best education possible for each student and give them the chance to feel like a true part of the school.  I want to encourage all students to get involved in some type of extracurricular activity.  Doss offers a wide range of sports, clubs and activities that will help students get involved and gain a stronger connection with the school.  You can visit our Athletics/Activities page on our website for a full list of all activities offered at Doss.  Please let us know if you need any more information about any sport or activity.


I am very excited about the 2018-2019 school year at Doss High School.   Please do not hesitate to contact the school with any questions as we continue to progress through year.  As always, thank you for supporting Dragon Nation.


Please continue to visit our website daily for school and calendar updates.




Todd C. Stockwell, Principal

Doss High School


[email protected]