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A+ (Doss Extended School Service)

A+ is in full swing at Doss and we are seeing a great number of students who are participating to work towards proficiency on essential standards. Remember that students can reassess on any standard or standards by staying after for A+ time. Again, A+ time is scheduled for Wednesday each week from 2:35 to 4:40 PM with JCPS bus transportation available. There are bus schedules posted in each academy for students as well as outside of the cafeteria and office 116A. Session 1 is from 2:35 until 3:35 and session 2 begins promptly at 3:40 until 4:40. There are also computer labs and internet availability for students during this time. Please remember that in order to participate in A+ and ride the bus, students MUST have a permission slip on file. Additional permission slips are available in the main office. Encourage your student to develop a plan with their teacher(s) to improve their grades through A+ time.


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